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Clinton: Support grows for independent candidacy

May 20, 2008

By David Farside


A few weeks ago, I wrote an article stating what I thought was a good idea for Hilary to get back into the White House. I suggested she run as an independent and follow the example of a previous Republican president, Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt couldn’t get nominated for re-election by his own Republican Party. So, he formed his own independent “Bull Moose” party. Little did I know the idea would generate so much interest and support from both Republicans and Democrats.

I started getting e-mail and comments on my blog; all in favor of her leaving the Democratic Party and becoming an Independent. Here are some of the responses. You might find them interesting.

Deb, wrote: “Hillary could win as an Independent with this secret ingredient: a Republican guy as her vice president. She’d split off the Republican vote, take the Heartland and cede Obama his narrow constituency. She could take it by splitting the boys.” And she’s right!

I was trying to think of a good Republican candidate for vice president. I couldn’t think of any, but Colin Powell came to mind.

Since he was lied to and set-up by Bush and the Republican party, he might want to expose our president’s degree in home economics from Yale for what it is: a recipe for lying. On second thought, never mind.

Another comment from Linda: “Hillary – go for it! This is just what we need – a new type of leader and a new party to go with it. The DNC did not support you the way you deserved to be supported. Don’t quit -we need you!”

Hillary shouldn’t quit. A strong new third party is exactly what we need in this democracy. And Hillary should use her delegates from California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Florida as her base to build a new party and defeat Obama and McCain. As one e- mail stated: “Do it. You can win- go Hillary.”

An unnamed author expressed the sentiment of most supporters: “Why the hell not? Hillary has nothing to lose in the ‘Democratic’ party anymore. She doesn’t owe them a damn thing anymore. Most of its leaders (including so-called friends) have turned on her. Half of the Democratic party will not vote for Obama in November anyway – whether she endorses him or not. So he’s a dead duck. The ‘Democratic’ party has attempted to disenfranchise ‘two states’ just to try to push that Obama clown in the dem. nominee spot. And to top it off, the Obama spawn are taking the Hillary supporters for granted — saying that we will ‘get over it.’ Plus, the thought of voting for McCain makes us sick- yet not nearly as sick as voting for Obama .”

Other comments: “I would definitely support Hillary in an independent run for the presidency, and so would all the other registered voters (three of them) in my household.”

“I would support Hillary as a independent. Barack scares me. I think Hillary could pull a Joe Leiberman and switch to Independent and win the presidency.”

And Lorna expressed the frustration of many Republicans: “As a 53-year-old working class female, I would vote for Hillary if she ran as an Independent even though I have always voted Republican.”

These are just a few favorable comments of support for Hillary’s run as an Independent. Her recent overwhelming victory in West Virginia might be a sign the political pendulum is swinging in her direction. But let’s not count her out as the nominee representing the democrats.

We all know that Bill Clinton is probably one of the shrewdest politicians of our time. Anything can happen at the Democratic National Convention. It should be a great lesson in American politics and a reminder of Tammany Hall days.

Bill certainly knows how to bend arms and make deals. But the big ace up his sleeve is the threat of Hillary leaving the democrats in favor of forming her own Independent party. And why not? The party, so-called friends and some of Bill’s previous cabinet members did desert her when she needed their support the most. Conspicuously absent in her support column is Al Gore.

The question at the DNC will not be about previously won or committed delegates. The question is: who can beat McCain in the general election? The answer is clear. Either as a democrat or with this new-found support as an independent, Hillary is the only candidate capable of beating the Republicans.