By David Farside

Six weeks ago the polls showed that Sen. Barack Obama had an almost double-digit lead over Sen. McCain for the U.S. presidency. Since Obama made a poor decision choosing his running mate and McCain made a great decision choosing his, the tide has turned on the Democrats. I wonder how many poor decisions Obama will make if he becomes president?

Last weekend an AP-GfK poll, conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs and Media, placed McCain ahead of Obama by a 48 percent to 44 percent lead. Hillary will probably be the first one to tell Obama, “I told you so.”

Senior citizens and men support McCain over Obama by a 13 percent margin and among rural voters he enjoys an overwhelming 23-point approval rating over Obama. That might be enough for McCain to carry Florida, Ohio and even Pennsylvania.

As McCain widens his lead, the Obama campaign is increasing their attack ads. Obama portrayed McCain as a “gutter” politician. Obama also subtly referred to VP candidate Palin as a pig wearing lipstick. A few more remarks like that and Obama will have so much free time on his hands he can become a regular on the Oprah Winfrey show. Reacting to the lipstick on the pig remark belittling Palin, McCain said that currently Obama “was the world’s biggest celebrity, but his star is falling.” Looks like he’s right.

But in all fairness, Obama made a good point when he said McCain was out of touch with the American people. He quoted McCain who said “the economy was making ‘great progress’ under George Bush. It was ‘fundamentally sound’ and in fact we were better off as a consequence of the Bush presidency.” Maybe at 72 years old, McCain got the touch of Bushitis. If anyone thinks we are better off now than we were eight years ago, they probably live in back of an outhouse somewhere on the rain-soaked roads of Texas.

During Bush’s eight years, we have seen the largest transfer of wealth from one business to another in history. Both the banking and automobile industries have seen their wealth disappear and slip deep into to the pockets of big oil companies.

The American taxpayer will pay trillions of dollars bailing out large financial and mortgage companies, pay more for gasoline at the pumps and lose 30 to 50 percent of their equity in their homes and 401K retirement accounts under the Republican banner of Bush economics. How can anyone say we are better off now than we were before George took office? Maybe McCain’s wife is better off now with all of her millions of dollars.

Obama’s political ads profess that we need change. From one side of his mouth, Obama says we need to rid Washington of the old entrenched politicians in Washington D.C. and from the other side he chooses Sen. Biden who has been entrenched for the last 30 years in Washington as his VP choice. However, the Republicans are already demonstrating their commitment for change in the political arena by choosing a woman and an “outsider” as their VP choice. Now that is change.

Obama says we need to end the war and deal with the issues of health care, education, social security, taxes and immigration. But the same old mantra of the Democrats is gradually losing its effectiveness. They keep saying they will make changes but don’t say how they will realistically bring about change. Just taxing the rich and distributing it to the poor will not, in the long run, solve the problem.

Two years ago, the Democrats promised change if we gave them the majority in Congress. We did! We put them in the majority and what did they do? Nothing! They didn’t end the war. Instead, they gave Bush all the money he wanted to escalate and continue the war in Iraq. They didn’t fix the immigration problem and we still do not have a national health care system.

In 2006, Congressional candidates representing the Democratic party vowed to investigate Bush for misleading Congress about weapons of mass destruction, and for violating the civil liberties of Americans by authorizing wiretaps without a warrant. But they should have listened to their own minority leader of the House.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, told colleagues and the press that an impeachment investigation was “off the table.” Two years later, George still hasn’t been held accountable by the Democrats. So much for political rhetoric and promises.

But presidential politics isn’t about issues; it’s about celebrity. McCain was right when he said Obama’s star is falling. McCain was right when he placed a new star high in the political heavens. And now that McCain’s train to the White House is back on track, McCain could be right when he said he will win the presidential election.

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