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Huckabee: The Chalice of ‘Jesus Juice’

January 14, 2008


By David Farside

The Iowa Caucus pushed former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee to the top of the list of Republican presidential hopefuls. The Baptist preacher defeated the temple Mormon, Mitt Romney, by a wide margin, receiving 34 percent of the delegates’ support vs. 24 percent received by Romney. Romney spent millions in Iowa, only to be defeated by the right wing Christian conservatives left over from the glory days of Bush.

To his credit, during his 10 years as governor, Huckabee demonstrated some liberal tendencies. He argued for and implemented school improvements and approved a bill providing health insurance for the children of the working poor, which is more than I can say for George Bush.

To his discredit, his record shows he was investigated 20 times as Governor and Lt. Governor of Arkansas by the Arkansas Ethics Commission. In anticipation of questions about his ethics violations, Huckabee set up what he called the “truth squad.” The squad was to divert attention away from his ethics convictions and present his own biased version of the complaints before the press found out the truth.

According to an Associated Press report released in November 2007, the truth squad said the only finding of the ethics committee against Huckabee was overruled by a state court. But that’s not true, and is just another Republican lie.

The commission actually investigated 16 of the 20 complaints filed against Huckabee and found five violations. The only conviction that was overruled by the court was his acceptance of a $500 canoe he received from Coca-Cola. He and his wife were also accused of receiving cash they didn’t initially report.

Huckabee was investigated for diverting $150,000 of in-kind contributions and cash to his “gospel fest” which was, in fact, a Republican rally for his campaign. You would think as a Baptist minister he would have known better. Well, maybe not.

Huckabee was under fire from the public early on after he was elected Governor of Arkansas. He was only in office for two months when he shocked everyone in the state by announcing his intention of freeing Wayne Dumond, a convicted rapist. He said he had “serious questions as to the legitimacy of his guilt.”

Dumond was convicted by a jury for raping a distant cousin of President Clinton. You have to wonder what that pardon was really all about. Huckabee later acknowledged he met with Dumond’s wife while he was Lt. Governor of the state and met with her again two months after he was elected governor. Hmm! I wonder if he smokes any of those Clinton cigars?

Evidently, friends of the Clinton clan got their revenge. Dumond was castrated while awaiting trial by unknown masked men. Two years after he was pardoned by our want-to-be president, Dumond was convicted of murdering a woman in Missouri.

Huckabee has a typical Republican tendency of speaking half truths. He says he is tough on taxes and pointed to his $100 million tax cut in 1997. But, he supported a fuel tax increase in 1999. He said the tax was approved by 80 percent of the Arkansas voters – another lie.

The question on the ballot in 1999 asked the voters whether the state should take on a $41 billion debt for a highway program, including cost for interest and lawyers fees; not how it would be financed. Two months later, Huckabee decided to raise the fuel tax to pay for the bond, over the will of the majority. He also increased property taxes by changing the tax system. Does that sound familiar?

Huckabee, while governor of Arkansas, had a somewhat liberal approach to the immigration problem. He fought for legislation that would grant an in-state tuition program and state funded scholarships to the children of illegal immigrants. He was also in favor of giving undocumented immigrants voting rights, access to state services and employment. Referring to other Christian legislators who didn’t agree with him he said, “I drink a different kind of Jesus juice than they do.”

Now that he is running for presidency, he wants to send all of the undocumented workers back where they came from and build walls on our border to protect us from the same people he wanted to give free education, state services, and state jobs to. What a hypocrite.

The list on Huckabee goes on and on. It does seem that he has no respect for ethics laws prescribed for public officials, is confused on his own immigration stance and will probably appoint judges in favor of giving convicted criminals freedom – that is, if they are visited by their wives.

I’m sure as president, like Bush, he will continue to use his hand of political deceit to cover his religious eye of perspicuity and will expect us all to drink from the Republican chalice of “Jesus Juice.”

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