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Time, space, awareness and reality

January 12, 2011

By David Farside

Jan. 3rd, 2011

For many years, before the midnight celebration of New Year’s Eve begins, I have had dinner at a friend’s home. While the adults are gathered around the bar discussing politics, jobs, unemployment, immigration and taxes, I generally gravitate towards the children’s side of the family room. At my age, I think I learn more from children than I do from listening to adults who seem to know everything about nothing. This year, I noticed the children I’ve watched grow over the years are almost adults, but I still learned something.

We usually play some kind of trivia or memory games. I always have let them win, but now I think they let me win. So much for old age. This year they were more curious about the History channel reports on aliens, the beginning of life, its purpose and what happens to us when we die than playing trivia games. Bringing me a small glass of port, they asked me what my thoughts were on the subject. It brought to mind fragments from a science fiction spoof I wrote while in high school.

On the last day before the beginning, in the darkness of the unknown, awareness and matter collided, creating time, space, light, galaxies, the universe and life.

You see, awareness was getting very lonely. It was bored. Curious with its knowledge of the universe, it decided to create a few million galaxies to keep it company. Why not? Its next-door neighbor, matter, was just rolling around aimlessly searching for its own identity and probing for room to expand. Space and time hadn’t been born yet, so one day awareness gave matter a little nudge, causing a huge explosion. The big bang shattered matter into innumerable burning pieces of blazing hot “stuff” and hurled each fragment, combined with a small portion of awareness, into a new dimension it called space. Awareness, after seeing what it produced, was pleased.

Now space didn’t want to be the “odd man out” so it decided to create something of its own. Space, being the measurable distance between particles of matter, created time, the measurable perception of reality, which in turn would be the ruination of awareness.

The hot particles of matter were searching for places in space to cool. Like ripples on a pond they formed a ubiquitous circle of rings, parallels and solar systems emanating from the source of the explosion. Countless galaxies, similar to ours, were formed on just one tiny ripple of this tide of creation. As if fossils were imprinted on the antiquities of matter and memories of awareness, favorable environments for space and time melding with each other created something in every galaxy that awareness was becoming very cognizant of: life and the evolution of man.

On planet Earth, matter slowly evolved to a lower life form. Then awareness shaped matter into one of its own forms, blew some ethereal space up its nose, gave man a woman and doomed his animated clay figures with the self-awareness of time.

Future generations of man produced an abundance of beautiful women. Earth always lagged behind other similar planets in technology, so awareness sent a small fleet of men he created on another planet to cohabit with humans, teaching them, among other things, how to build Stonehenge and the pyramids by reducing gravitational pull and using magnets.

It was a one-way trip for the men. They would stay and father a new generation of man. To paraphrase Genesis 1: The sons of awareness saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and took them wives of all which they chose. Since then, we’ve been visited and guided by our alien brothers many times.

On the last day before the end, all matter will be joined together in its original form, leaving space void and without awareness. Time will no longer exist because there’s no measurable perception of distance between matter and reality.

But as space and time shrink our individual self-awareness sleeps in the cradle of a universal awareness that retains our memory of life, knowledge and the human spirit of its clay figures. And when awareness becomes lonely, bored and curious enough, we’ll all start over again.

The kids brought me another glass of port. I fell asleep and somehow lost my perception of time, space, matter and my own reality of awareness. I woke up just in time to see the History channel.