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Mcclellan’s book exposes Bush as a conspirator

June 4, 2008

by David Farside

Scott McClellan former Whitehouse press secretary (2003-2007) has been promoting his new book “What happened inside the Bush Whitehouse and Washington‘s culture of deception” on the tv circuit. It explains and verifies what some of us had already known about George Bush and his administration. Among other things, it tells how Bush conspired to illegally release classified documents identifying Valerie Plame as a CIA operative. And how he manipulated intelligence to gain support for his war in iraq.

Plame was married to former ambassador Joseph Wilson. Wilson responded to false statements made by President Bush in his State of the Union address. Bush said Iraq intended to buy uranium “Yellowcake” from Niger. Wilson wrote an op-ed in the New York Times stating that Bush’s claims were exaggerated and that Bush’s lies about the proliferating of weapons of mass destruction were to justify his preemptive war policy in Iraq.

Robert Novak, retaliated on behalf of Bush and used his column in the Washington post to identify Wilson’s wife as a CIA operative on weapons of mass destruction. Novak’s public outing of Plame ended her CIA career. She was forced to resign in December of 2005.

The question was, who illegally leaked the classified information on Plame? Bush was quoted as saying if it was anyone in his administration he would expect them to pay the highest price for breaking the law.

There was a grand jury investigation and the trail led to Scooter Libby. He was indicted on five counts and on march 6, 2007 was convicted of obstructing justice, making false statements to federal investigators and two counts of perjury.He was sentenced to 30 months in prison and two years probation and ordered to pay a $250,000 fine. It didn’t take Bush long to save his co-conspirator and partner in crime. Four months later on July2 saying the sentence was too “excessive” our great president commuted Libby’s sentence removing the jail term but leaving the fine and probation to stand.

Illegally leaked the classified information to the press exposing Plame. He said a reporter asked Bush about the leak while boarding Air Force One. Mcclellan said the reporters question prompted him to ask Bush directly if he was the one who authorized the leaking of her name. Bush replied, “yes I was.” No wonder he protected his fall-guy Libby. Since Bush was the one who broke the law I wonder what “highest price” he will pay?

Maybe the president can claim he didn’t remember. Mcclellan writes about a phone conversation Bush had with a political supporter. The president responding to campaign rumors about his cocaine use said he couldn’t recall if he tried cocaine. He said, “We had some pretty wild parties back in the day and I just don’t remember.” He was probably too drunk.

Mcclellan criticized Bush for intentionally ignoring evidence that contradicted his policy in iraq. He said Bush was “a gut player” and described the president as inclined toward war with Iraq after the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.

Accusing Secretary of State Condoleeze Rice of complicity he said she didn’t challenge Bush or other top officials with the facts when she should have. And that “too often she was too accommodating” to the president’s views.” Well of course,that is why Bush appointed her to the cabinet position in the first place.She was hired to be a head-nodder not a diplomat.

Bush hid his true intentions towards war by managing information and keeping the Press Secretary “out of the loop.” Bush told McClellan’s predecessorari Fleischer that he purposely didn’t tell him things. Condoleeze Rice, Secretary National Security Advisor at the time, cut off Fleisher’s authority to read notes on Bush’sphone conversations with world leaders because it might expose Bush’s personal intent and strategy for the war in Iraq.

Mcclellan’s book, written by an insider who should know, demonstrates the arrogance manipulation lies and criminal acts by President Bush. It is too late to impeach Bush for secretly releasing classified documents and putting hundreds of CIA operatives around the world in danger.It’s too late for the thousands of war dead on both sides of the Iraq war to hold Bush responsible for his lies that put them in their graves.

But it’s not too late for historian’s and biographers to site Bush as a liar, conspirator and a mindless “gut player.” A conspirator who almost destroyed our democracy constitution and the symbols of our American flag- truth trust and honor.