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2012 is coming!

May 12, 2010

By David Farside

May 10, 2010

The year 2012 is on the near horizon and some doomsday sayers are prophesying world chaos, destruction and even the end of civilization.  Others say it will end the Christian era and a new messiah will arrive in a spaceship from outer space, but most believe it is just the last day calculated on an ancient Mayan calendar and has no mysterious meaning at all.

The Mayan history dates back about 6,000 years ago. Their civilization, as we know it today, began in Guatemala in  400 B.C. when the Omec cultural influence was gradually becoming extinct. By 1,000 A.D. the Mayan empire also seemed to disappear because of a 200-year drought, exploitation of the working class, mismanagement, militarism, famines, epidemics, ecological abuse and possibly cannibalism.

Actually, they didn’t just fade from the books of history; some settled further south and as far north as central Mexico.

Mayans, like most ancient civilizations including the Hebrews, have experienced their share of extraterrestrial mystery and worshiped travelers from outer space as gods. Like the pyramids of Egypt, the temples of Stonehenge and the landing strip built for spacecraft in Nazca, Peru more than 2,000 years ago, the Mayans have left records of their own gods from outer space.

Ancient  slabs  replicating a spaceman (skyman) in his spaceship were discovered in a Mayan tomb in 1952. They have also discovered small carvings of men wearing spacesuits, helmets and carrying oxygen — perfect examples of our astronauts today, except they were created 2,000 years before our Declaration of Independence was signed. The Mayans worshiped these men from space as gods.

Both the Omecs and Mayans developed calendars ending during the winter solstice in 2012. They  both  practiced  human sacrifice to propitiate their “sky gods.” The Mayan king and elite drank human blood and even digested  the beating heart of the slaughtered to become one with their gods from the heavens. Maybe, rather than face starvation, the prominent Mayans cannibalized themselves into extinction.

During the same era in history the story of sky gods were recorded in the Hebrew bible beginning in the book of Genesis. The story of creation is a symbolic story of a god from above the heavens, earth and ethereal creating a human man in his own likeness, a women out of necessity and an environment similar to his on another planet. The rest of the gods must have thought he did a good job creating a women. Genesis 6:2 states, “The sons of god saw the daughters of men were fair and took them for wives of all which they chose.” So much for women’s rights.

There are numerous tales of gods from the sky appearing from the clouds  to communicate with man in the Bible.  Moses coming down from the mount with stone tablets inscribed by the hand of a god from the sky is just one example.

The Christians added their own version of intergalactic copulation in the story of the Virgin Mary’s immaculate conception and the birth of Jesus Christ. But nowhere in the Bible does it state that Mary actually conceived through divine intervention. It does say Mary herself was born without original sin and she was sinless, explaining why her child was  born sinless himself.

But the wisdom of the Catholic catechism explains it to us. In part one of their profession of faith it states that “Christ was conceived by the holy spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary.” When Mary asked an angel how she could conceive “since i know not man,” the response was, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you.” So Christ could be the son of a great sky god called the Holy Spirit.

During the Last Supper, Christ preached the same blood and human sacrifice to satisfy the gods as the Mayans, minus the mass brutality. He used symbolism to teach his followers how to appease the gods by using wine to represent his blood  and bread replacing his flesh. As he died on the cross, he felt abandoned and asked his god, “Why have thou  forsaken me?” Three days later he reappeared; 200 years later the Catholics officially declared him a god.

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking says there are travelers from outer space, but we may not want to get “too close” to them because they may be looking to use our natural resources and colonize the earth. One thing is for sure, they will be hungry when they get here.

So, at the end of 2012, will we have a new  calendar, a new prophesied messiah, the end of civilization or a great fleet of starving  gods from another planet looking for a taste of human flesh and blood for lunch? If so, I have a couple of ex-wives they could have for desert.