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Flying hot rods: Invisible moths from outer space?

February 6, 2009

By David Farside

I just happened to catch one of History Channel’s “Monster Quest” episodes about a UFO they called “flying rods.” They appear to be both flat and cylindrical while soaring high in the sky like a miniature rocket from outer space. They fly through the air using three sets of opposing wings or fins resembling a cuttlefish and range in size from 6 inches to 3 feet long. They can turn on a dime and travel at such high speeds they are not visible to the human eye. Without the aid of a camera, we wouldn’t know they surround us in another dimension. I hope I don’t accidentally step on one or run them over on the freeway.

The images of flying rods have been found on ancient painted rocks and rock carvings dating back two thousand years. They’ve been seen on camera in the skies of Canada, Europe, China and the United States. They exist underwater and have been photographed by Jose Escamilla during his filming of “Base Jumpers” at the cave of the swallows in Mexico.

The more I watched the episode on flying rods, the more my logic was digested by my imagination. What could these rods be? Were they probes sent by aliens? If so, why? Immediately, visions of old sci-fi movies came to mind.

I remember one movie that was filmed years before Captain Kirk started his galactic voyage. The aliens sent space probes to earth. They eventually landed and gained the confidence of the humans. Promising them a better life on their planet, they placed groups of humans into a transporting machine and mailed them to paradise. On their arrival at Eden –– the aliens ate them. After the slice-and-dice the aliens said they had a good roundup that year. I hope these flying rods are not carnivores.

However, they may be carnivores. I haven’t seen a dead one yet. Maybe they cannibalize themselves while they’re waiting for the human harvest.

If these rods are really space probes sent to roundup their human herd their banquet should be interesting. Imagine the Jews and Palestinians in the same pot of stew with the Muslims and Hindus. Or better yet, George W. Bush with Osama bin Laden.

The 1978 movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” was a story about beings arriving on earth from another dimension in outer space. The invaders replaced local residents with aliens cloned as humans in attempt to take over the earth. Not to worry –– Donald Sutherland saved the human race. He was nominated for Saturn’s best actor award in 1979 for his role in the movie.

I wonder if rods are some kind of cloned intelligence from another dimension in the form of high speed flying insects. I hope they don’t accidentally land in my oatmeal; I could end up being a cloned moth.

Maybe there is a mystical reason for the existence of flying rods. These little evasive cylinders could be carrying migrating souls from their graves to the great theater of fantasy, located somewhere in the eternity of another galaxy.

The existence of rods might explain the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Every year they hatch from the depths of the ocean. As they mature, they all flap their wings/fins at the same time on their ascent to the sky, creating such a whirlpool of energy it swallows everything within the radius of the nest. All living matter stays in the hatchery to feed the next generation of larva. Just a thought, but we’ll never know because the rods move faster than the eye can see.

But shame on the History Channel. They should have been more objective. During their investigation of flying rods. in 2005, China Central Television (CCTV) filmed their own documentary about flying rods. Unlike the History Channel, they aimed to prove the existence or, non-existence, of this phenomenon.

Surveillance cameras were set up at a pharmaceutical company in Jilin Province, China. The film showed flying rods identical to Escamilla’s recording at the caves in Mexico. The scientist at the drug company decided to solve the mystery by catching these creatures from outer space. Large nets were arranged around the cameras and the trap was set. The nets were found lined with ordinary moths, proving the rods were just an optical illusion.

It seems the human mind is willing to believe in almost anything ranging from self-proclaimed gods, life after death, heaven and hell, aliens, invisible flying hot rods from another dimension and invisible moths from outer space.