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Sen. Reid: Swimming in the cathouse

March 2, 2011

By David Farside

Feb. 28th, 2011

Sen. Harry Reid caught the nation’s eye when he addressed the Nevada Legislature last week. Besides the usual political rhetoric, posturing and bloated arrogance of most politicians, Reid indicted himself with his own words and left most of us wondering what kind of medication he is taking.

Reid spouted out his concern for job growth, the development of our natural resources and the need to create new business opportunities. At the same time, he called on the state to shrink our economy, eliminate more than 1,500 jobs, reduce tax revenue for several rural counties and eliminate legal prostitution.

The aging, senile Nevada senator said, “Nevada has to be known as the first place for innovation and investment and not as the last place where prostitution is still legal.” Well, Nevada was one of the first places for innovative investment: It legalized brothels for prostitution and Reid’s cash cow, casinos for gambling.

How soon he forgot.

It’s funny what happens to men when they get old. Climbing the ladder to success they justify their own transgressions, telling everyone to, “Do as I say not as I do.” Years later they say, “Do as I say, not what I can’t do anymore.” Of course, we know Reid never visited a brothel. Well, maybe not the inside of one. The story goes that while growing to manhood in Searchlight, Nev., he learned to swim in the pool at the local brothel. Now he’s swimming in a political pool of sharks at the nation’s legalized political brothel in Washington, D.C., with other politicians who have prostituted themselves by selling their political influence for personal gain to corporate pimps called lobbyist. The girls taught him well.

Thinking globally, Reid said, we have to make sure the world holds Nevada in the same high regard that Nevadans do. And in the final blow to the second oldest profession in the world, pimps being the first, he said “… The time has come for us to outlaw prostitution.” If Reid really wants Nevada to be held in high regard, he should stop peddling his influence to the highest bidder, outlaw lobbyists and stop soliciting their campaign contributions.

There is no logic or proof in Reid’s concerns about Nevada’s negative image because of legal brothels. Beginning in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the foundation of the current Las Vegas lifestyle was built on the tables of legal gambling and under the sheets of illegal prostitution. Call girls were all over the place, most cocktail waitresses were usually “available” after hours for a reasonable price and every cab driver in town had at least two girls always available — for an even higher price.

But legal brothels do serve their purpose as well as protect the health and safety of our society. All working girls are required to have health checkups, screening for all sexually transmitted diseases and drugs while they are working. This protects their clients as well as themselves, which is more than a streetwalker, drug addict, bar-hop or a girl in the back seat of a cab would do.

Las Vegas grew from a small town to a big city almost overnight. The growing metropolis attracted new industry and created new jobs, all with the same innovation and investment Reid welcomes for our state. Public schools couldn’t be built fast enough and new road construction became a 40-year project. Freeways were built entering the city from all directions, making it easier for business, commerce, tourist and corporate growth. It seemed everyone wanted to move to Sin City. Today, in a county surrounded by legal brothels, almost 50 million tourists annually visit Las Vegas. I wonder how many other so-called legitimate businesses could attract that many people to Nevada.

But who knows? Maybe Disneyland wants to build next to the Mustang Ranch east of Reno. That would certainly draw the tourists. Dad could drop the family for a ride around the Matterhorn, cross the highway and follow the sign “Mickey Mouse slept here.” I know, that sounds too goofy to be true.

On the other hand, Reid might be dumb like a fox. Could it be there is a theme park interested in building in a Nevada with no legal brothels? Or maybe the gamers want all legal brothels for themselves. Instead of outlawing legal prostitution altogether, the state could change the law allowing legal prostitution only in gaming facilities with 200 rooms or more. If that’s the case, Reid would be rewarding the gaming industry for supporting him in the last election and figuratively screwing the working girls he was swimming with at the cathouse.

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