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Obama Doctrine: Kill for humanitarian purposes

March 31, 2011

By David Farside

March 28th, 2011

The political and military game for power in North Africa and the Middle East has finally reached the point of actually uniting the members of the Arab world in their struggle for human rights, independence and democracy. President Obama’s decision to take sides and declare war on Moammar Gadhafi will pave the way for short-term chaos and long-term Arab unity against the West and its allies.

Obama was quick to take advantage of the Libyan people’s revolution against their notorious dictator. Claiming “Gadhafi has to go,” the United States voted to approve United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, creating a no-fly zone over Libya for humanitarian purposes. Obama claimed Gadhafi was going to massacre his own people, threatening to go door-to-door killing anyone who opposed his dictatorship. After assurances from some United Nations members, including England and France, to act jointly in his war against the sovereignty of Libya, we used our military force to attack its helplessly outdated war machines and supported the rebels in their effort to overthrow Gadhafi. It was evident that American strategy was clearly marked to justify a war against Gadhafi. Humanitarianism had little to do with it.

But I suppose you have to ask who is human and who isn’t. We know America doesn’t think the people in Lebanon are human. In 2006 a Lebanon-based Hezbollah raid captured two Israeli soldiers. Instead of using diplomacy, Israel attacked Lebanon, killing more than 1,000 innocent people and causing billions of dollars in damage to airports, bridges and other infrastructure.

The barrage and killing went on for 34 days and every day the people of Lebanon pleaded and cried out to America and the United Nations for some kind of humanitarian relief. Naturally, no help arrived. Israel’s answer, with the support of its American ally, for the kidnapping of the two soldiers was to attack, kill civilians and destroy cities rather than engage directly with the Hezbollah political leaders. Hezbollah did retaliate by firing close to 4,000 limited-range missiles at Israel until Israel finally realized it wasn’t invincible and a cease fire was agreed upon.

Now President Obama claims we have to engage in a war against Gadhafi because he is threatening to kill his own people. Sound familiar? Gadhafi’s threat to go door-to-door and kill his opposition is exactly what the American army did in Iraq. President G.W. Bush said Saddam Hussein was killing his own people and had to go. We invaded a sovereign country, went door-to-door claiming anyone owning a gun was a terrorist and killed tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens in the process. Then we claimed we did them a favor by hanging their dictator until he was dead. Now that was real diplomacy. I guess American foreign policy is, “Don’t kill your own people; we can do it for you and all you have to do is give us your oil and elect any dictator you want.” Well that’s what a democracy is, isn’t it?

Republican congressmen aren’t fooled by Obama’s humanitarian bombing of Libya. They insist he doesn’t have the authority to declare war without the approval of Congress and they might be right. Obama claims it is not a war and he is just complying with a United Nations resolution. He’s beginning to sound more like G.W. Bush every day.

We launched more than 100 missiles into Libya reportedly at a cost of more than $1 million each. We are destroying their tanks, killing their military personnel and clearing the way for the revolutionaries to get to Gadhafi and take over their country. If that’s not a war, what is it?

Now that we have our war machine of democracy established in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, the cost to American taxpayers could be more than health care, entitlement programs and education combined. But the rich shouldn’t worry, we’ll only increase taxes on the poor and middle class, not rich corporations. It was reported on MSNBC last week that General Electric Corporation made a billion dollars last year and, yup, they paid zero taxes. What a great country for business opportunities, cheap labor and capitalism protected by weapons of mass destruction.

But the tides of power shift in the political sand of the desert. Who knows? As Gadhafi and other leaders in the Arab world are replaced by new chiefs from the oasis of oil, a new unified and well-armed Arab republic led by the Muslim Brotherhood could rule North Africa and the Middle East. They will probably kill the few allies we have left in the region for humanitarian purposes, have it sanctioned by the United Nations and call it the Obama Doctrine.

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