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Hillary: Destroyed by two oddballs

June 11, 2008

The Christian Science monitor claims there were many reasons: campaign strategy  and  contributions  are just a few of them. They also point out sexist remarks directed at Clinton by  the biased media could have been a contributing factor. I would have to add the name of two oddball’s to the list of reasons as well.

In the beginning of her campaign she seemed to have the appearance of inevitability. There wasn’t any real competition on the horizon and she was the favorite to win. But while Obama was preaching for change, Hillary was relying on her experience. Experience she sometimes over exaggerated.

Her campaign strategist  either underestimated or didn’t understand the caucus process. They didn’t campaign heavily in caucus states  and didn‘t pay enough attention to  caucus delegates. Obama on the other hand, targeted specific sections of caucus states to build a delegate base and gathered further support from super delegates representing those states.

Hillary’s advisers couldn’t raise enough funds to win the nomination. Whereas Obama’s  campaign used the Howard Dean strategy of fund raising. They used the Internet to raise money, leaving Obama with  more money than he needed to win the nomination, while Clinton had to loan her campaign $ millions.

Some pundits claim  the sexist and gender remarks aimed at Hillary by the the  media  and others was not what caused her defeat. But it certainly had to have a major  effect.

The director of the Annenberg Public Policy center at the University of Pennsylvania, Kathleen Jameson, said  gender-related comments actually helped her win the New Hampshire Primary. Because of the bias, many women who wouldn’t have ordinarily supported her voted for her. That may have been true in New Hampshire but not in the rest of the states.

Attacks on Hillary’s  femininity and gender was always in play. As an example: during a debate on ABC-TV Clinton was asked about her likability. Her femininity in question,  she said the question hurt her feelings. Obama,on the same set, said she was “likable enough.”

Sen. John Edwards couldn’t resist a gender based comment either. Because Hillary was honest and said the remark hurt her feelings Edwards was quick to take advantage of the opportunity. He said, he questioned Clinton’s emotions and female strength to act as Commander in Chief. Hmm! Maybe he could have learned about female strength watching his wife give birth. But if he really wanted  an example of female strength,  he should read the history of a real Commander in Chief: Joan of Arc.

One of the prime examples of sexist-gender remarks happened in Salem, New hampshire. During a fund raiser a man yelled out to Hillary, “Iron my shirt.” The press  found the remark humorous. Every TV channel and newspaper reported the comment without too much criticism. But you can bet, if someone yelled out to Obama, “Shine my shoes”, there would have been a race riot led by the media and oprah winfrey.

Another incident occurred on “ 60 minutes.”  during interviews with both Clinton and Obama, katie couric interviewing Hillary was accused of asking inappropriate personal questions. Couric said, “Someone told me  your nickname in school was Miss Frigidaire. Is that true? What an insult. When Scott Pelley interviewed  Obama he only  asked Obama political questions

Rush Limbaugh had to add  his sexist insults to the growing list. He wanted to know if Americans wanted to watch a women get older before their  eyes. As if we haven’t watched him get dumber because of his  drug habit.

The  biggest political knife in her back was thrown by MSNBC TV host of Countdown, Keith Olbermann. The extreme left wing commentator continually criticized and belittled Hillary on his oddball segment. He supported Obama and led the media charge against her.

Having  Bill as a spokesman and campaigner didn’t help her either. As a matter of fact, he was probably a contributor to her loss.  He made inappropriate remarks and  wore the suit of his old arrogant ways on the campaign trail. It seemed every time he made a comment, Hillary had to cover up for him and remind him  that this was her campaign and not his.

Hillary will never be on the ticket  as  vice president. Obama can’t have three presidents in the Whitehouse. It’s ironic. One oddball in the media hurt her chances for the nomination and another oddball, Bill, destroyed  her probability of being vice president.