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Is Rothschild’s conspiracy for world dominance working?

March 6, 2010

By David Farside

For many years there has been a conspiracy theory that financial institutions want to control government, the working class and the world economy by creating a financial crisis around the world.

According to an article written by Deanna Spingola, the roots of the conspiracy theory for world dominance by a cartel of bankers began in Frankfurt, Germany with the birth of Mayer Amschel Baur in 1743.

Baur became a financier and purchased his father’s counting house located on Judenstrasse (Jew Street) in Frankfurt. The red shield on the sign hung over the door was a symbol for the revolutionary-minded Jews in Europe. Baur changed his name to Rothschild, the German word for “red shield.” The house of Rothschild later became the financial broker for most of the world.

But the origins of government control by wealth really started in 1694, when the Bank of England was established. It gave a small cartel of wealthy men exclusive rights to loan money on unprotected bank assets.

In less than four years, England’s national debt was multiplied by 10. Taxes were increased, massive unemployment in England strangled the economy in Europe and in American colonies. “Low-risk” loans on property guaranteed by the Bank of England required a “bailout” by the government. Sound familiar?

Rothschild’s theory for world dominance is based on finance, philosophy and ideology. In 1770, Rothschild hired a Jewish Jesuit apostate to revise “illuminism” (the worship of Satan). He formed a cartel comprised of 12 wealthy men. Using luciferian ideology and a 25-point plan of conspiracy to disrupt world economies, they intended to create a world-wide dependency on their own international banking system, controlling natural resources, labor markets and finally the entire globe. Today, members of the cartel meet once a year at an international banking summit held in some quiet, secluded spot to determine how much they own and what’s left in the world to purchase.

Spingola’s list of Rothschild’s points of conspiracy are familiar:

Always use violence and terrorism rather than negotiation and twist international law to cause confusion. Sounds like a G.W. Bush doctrine to me.

Initiate class warfare, preach liberalism to usurp power and politicians must be cunning and unethical – any moral code leaves a politician vulnerable. Gov. Jim Gibbons fits that category very well.

Use mob psychology and financial panics to control the masses. Control peace conferences so no one wins, thus creating more debt and reliance on the cartel’s power. Use the press for propaganda to control all outlets of information. The Fox network, CNBC and the Mideast crisis is a prime example of how it works.

Philosophically, infiltrate freemasonry to spread atheistic ideologies among the gentiles. To accomplish this, Rothschild hired 2,000 of “the most intelligent men in the field of arts and letters, education, science, finance and industry” as agents to infiltrate the continental order of freemasons with his satanic doctrine, rituals, skills of bribery, manipulation and the control of the masses. After 200 years, I wonder how many of their family members still remain cloistered under the umbrella of the esoteric shrine.

It’s also interesting that 14 presidents, beginning with George Washington, were Masons and some were left-handed, which was considered a true sign of the devil by Christians.

More interesting is that five presidents – both Bushes, Bill Clinton, Thomas Jefferson and Howard Taft – graduated from Yale, the home of “skull and bones,” another secret organization managed by the international Russell Trust Association and the basis of political power in the United States.

Another point was to fool the youth by intentionally teaching them principles known to be false. I wonder if he is referring to Catholicism, communism or democracy.

The public also was fooled by the mass hysteria created over illegal immigrants. Instead of creating a conduit to legalize them, we sent them back over the border, reducing our labor force by almost 2 million workers, intentionally slowing our growth, ruining our economy and creating a need to “bail out” the banks.

Rothschild suggested using economic warfare to fool and rob the Gentiles of land and property using a combination of high taxes and unfair trade practices. Well, our taxes will certainly increase and international trade agreements have reduced our industrial expansion, sending jobs overseas.

Currently, American manufacturers and small business have millions of dollars of back orders for their new products. But naturally, the banks won’t loan them money for expansion and new hires, creating even more business in Asia and requiring cartel loans at twice the interest rate of the U.S. Treasury notes.

The only winners in our recession are the banks. On the surface it looks like Rothschild’s conspiracy for world dominance using unethical politicians and creating an economic crises is working.

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